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Do you want to be active during your vacation by exploring new places, culture, and nature? In order to truly experience the adventures of life, explore the wonders of nature and stay active throughout your vacation. Select any of the following villas that Orvas offers its guests.


Relax by taking a pleasant bike ride in the beautiful landscape that will leave you breathless. You will find bike paths on the asphalt roads but also on gravel roads where you will encounter a variety of special offers, from wine tasting to traditional culinary specialties. Select one of our villas that is located near bike paths and enjoy an active vacation. For more information on bike paths, see the following links:

Bike paths - Hvar
Bike paths - Sinj

Horseback Riding

Visit our villas in the Dalmatian Hinterland or embark on one-day trips and try horseback riding. Horseback riding is truly exceptional in this region because apart from the horseback riding school for beginners and advanced learners, the offer includes therapeutic horseback ridingactivities which have an extraordinary effect on people with disabilities or behavioral disorders.

For more information, visit the following link:

Horseback Riding - Sinj


In this region, canoeing has been a millenary tradition that is now suitable for a family or a group trip. Unlike rafting, paddling down the river in canoes allows the guests to independently operate the boats with the help of the instructor in the kayak. Take a canoe trip with an instructor and head to Radman's mills on Cetina River or the old mills of Krka River, and enjoy special scenery that awaits you on the island of Visovac.


Whether you decide to opt for an exciting river or a more tranquil summer kayak adventure, you will certainly obtain an unforgettable experience whichever one you choose. Kayaking allows you to enjoy the views of pristine nature that will not leave you indifferent.

Sailing and Nautics

The Adriatic Coast with its numerous islands, islets, cliffs, reefs, coves and ports represents a true paradise for boaters. Discover at least a small piece of this paradise using the sailing charter services offered by Orvas.
Najam plovila bez posade
Najam plovila sa posadom


In the range of our accommodation facilities, the following villas are the best choice for your vacation surrounded by nature and for numerous adventures that you will not be able to resist. Explore nature and resist Cetina River and enjoy everything that it offers to lovers of adventure. Rafting on Cetina River near the pirate town of Omiš will allow you to experience the adventure of your life. The unpredictable river will give you enough adrenaline and enjoyment in the amazing natural surroundings along with fresh air and a specific terrain.


Dive into the depths of the sea and discover the beauty that is hidden in the depths of the Adriatic Sea. Get acquainted with the marine world that is filled with a rich plant and animal life. Relax and enjoy the Orvas villas in beautiful surroundings.

Sport Fishing

Relax and enjoy your time sport fishing at variousdestinations that will delight you. From the most diverse marine species such as sea bass, toothfish, sea bream and tuna, to fresh water species such as trout or catfish, Croatia is without any doubt a top destination for sport fishing..


Choose our villa that is located near the mountain summits, be active during your vacation and enjoy the heights that offer unforgettable views. Croatia is the ideal choice for those who want to hike and who love heights.

You can have active holiday in our villas. Check it out Villa Živana, Villa Bonaca, Villa Vicina, Villa Dane, Villa Liza, Villa Cvita, Villa Mare, Villa Lukrecia, Villa Skalinada